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Thank you so much for entering my site. This is simply a passion project, and my personal slice of the internet..
It means the whole world to me that you're here! I hope you have fun.

Some elements of the site might not work at first. My code is JANKY!
So remember to refresh the page a few times if an image isnt appearing correctly.

(1/25/2023, this site is, frankly, dead. I wanted a fresh start so... I will be abandoning this website for now and move on to brand new one. It was previously named 'foofoai', so I just renamed it to oldfoofoai. That way my upcoming new site can have that name instead!
Now, to actually ... write it. Bleh!)

If you want to link to my site on your webpage, use the button above!

Remember to inbed a link in the button, lol..

Now who are these little boys?

A red dragon with a green mane. A blue dragon with a rainbow bow.

These are Sizzle and Tart .
They're my little pet dragons who I found in an abandoned adoption site, and they guard my webpages!
Poor things haven't had homes for 20 or more years! Maybe give the site a look and adopt some too?


pictured: me trying to write HTML

foof (2022-forever)